Introduction Title & Abstract

1. Introduction
We are group B and we are conducting an experiment on how chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide,water, affects the growth of algae. This experiment will allow swimming pool owners to know which type of chemical is suitable to kill off algae. The result of the experiment came out to be that the algae that was submerged in Clorox survived for the least amount of time, followed by the algae submerged in hydrogen peroxide, surviving the second longest, and the algae submerged in water, which survived the longest. The goal of our research is to let owners of swimming pool owners know which chemical out of the three would be best to kill off algae.
1.1 Background Research 
We found out from research that algae has the highest chance of surviving when in liquids of low pH which favours the growth of algae. Moss grows best when the pH is 6.0-8.0, This finding supports our results as the algae in the beaker of hydrogen peroxide increased in mass, signalling that it grew, but the rest of the algaes in the beakers decreased in mass, meaning that they are dying.
1.2 Research Question
Investigation of the growth of algae on Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide and water
1.3 Hypothesis
Our hypothesis is that chlorine will make algae to die faster than hydrogen peroxide will.
2. Methods
The Independant variable is the the different type of chemical solution used.
The Dependant variable is the mass of algae.
The Controlled Vairable is the beaker must be the same size, volume of the solutions must be the same, the starting mass of the algae, location of where all the beaker is must be the same, and the type of algae used for the experiment.
2.1 Equipment List
- 5 x 250 ml Glass beakers
- 500ml Chlorine/bleach
- 500ml Hydrogen Peroxide
- Data Logger
- pH value logger
- Cling Wrap
2.2 Diagram of experimentation
2.3 Procedures
Pour 200ml of Chlorine/Bleach into 2 glass beakers.
Pour 200ml of Hydrogen Peroxide into 2 glass beakers.
Pour 200ml of water into 1 glass beaker. (Control set-up)
Put 50g of algae into all 5 glass beakers.
Cover all the beakers with cling wraps
Place beakers in a tray facing the window

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