1. Method

Equipment list:
-5x 600 ml Glass beakers
- 1L bottle Chlorine/bleach
- 1L bottle Hydrogen Peroxide


Procedures: Detail all procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection

1)Pour 500ml of Chlorine Bleach into 3 glass beakers.
2)Pour 500ml of Hydrogen Peroxide into 3 glass beakers.
3)Pour 500ml of water into 1 glass beaker.
4)Put 50g of algae into all 7 glass beakers.
5)Place 1 thermometer in each beaker
6)Cover the beakers with cling wraps
7)Measure the starting mass of each beaker
8)Observe & Measure the mass of the beaker every 2 days for 3 weeks.

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